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Re: Audi switch to RWD?

>I wouldn't plan AUDI's future on a MOTOR TREND wanna-be magazine
>review.  CAR magazine (UK) had a whole different view of the A8. The
>BMW and LEXUS were considered old fuddy duddy hat.  Read both magazines
>and come to your owm logical conclusion.

Temper that logical conclusion with a few unfortunate variables.
The A8 that  CAR drove is not the same car that US consumers can buy, nor
the car that I can buy in Oz.

The Audi importer in each market determines the specs of the cars that they
will sell. FI, if you buy an A8 4.2q in Oz, you wont have many decisions to
make, it will be a metallic color or black & have 17" wheels & all the
bells & whistles. Buy it in Germany, you'll have lots of decisions to make.
These are the obvious differences, whats the bet that there are several
choices of suspension settings, from a hard "sports" setup to the squishy
luxo-barge stuff that I suspect gets sold in the US.


John Firkins