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Audi TT testing at Nurburgring (Autoweek mag article)

The Audi TT is on the move again.  This week's Autoweek shows what looks to be
a production ready TT doing some testing at Nurburgring.  And boy does it look
good.  Smoothed out some from the show car, and now with a B pillar and rear
side windows, it looks like a winner to me.

I am very excited, now that Audi is giving Dan an S4, I figure it will be just
a matter of time before they call me wanting to know where they can drop off a
free TT to show their appreciation for my many letters of dealer complaints
over the past 8 years.

Dear Audi of America:  I am looking forward to my free TT, and prefer it in
either black or silver with black leather.  Don't forget the CD changer.  You
can deliver it to my Orlando house whenever you wish.

       /\        _I    Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - soon to be wife!)
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