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A4TQ ECU Upgrades

There is a interesting ECU upgrade comparisson test on the long term project A4TQ in the new European Car. 4 chips are compared and all have slightly different torque and hp curves. A couple of things confused me (and the writer) of the article.

The writer noted that he could detect knocking with two of the chips and that it might take the ECU 40kms to "learn" not to knock. I found this strange and would have thought that if any knocking was detected that the ECU would intervene by retarding ignition timing and/ot reducing boost. That's how I understand it works in the knock sensing MC engines. This happens pretty much instantaneously? Why could the writer hear knocking with the A4? Could it be two of the chip ugrades have disabled some of the knock sensing code?

The other issue which perplexed the writer was the ECU with the lowest hp had the fastest 0-100km/h, possibly due to the long flat torque curve? 

If I were an A4 owner contemplating a chip upgrade I would like to know what code changes were made. It's a very small turbo which some of the tuners seem to be pushing past its peak efficiency?

Regards, Mike