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RE: Braking 101

I read an article several months ago in European Car about a VW Cab that
had a tweaked VR6 in it.  They also upgraded the brakes (duh!) and
claimed that they could engage the ABS at 120 mph or so.  Thats damn
good brakes!
chris perry

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>> If that were true - why would people spring big bucks for 4 pot calipers,
>> 330 mm rotors, carbon kevlar pads, etc...These things help for repeated
>> stops as in track use, but what about that one time panic stop on the
>> freeway? If I can lock up the existing brakes easily, what will be gained
>> the above?
>Perhaps the ur-quattro is a special case ...
>The original design used 6" tyres.  I posted the piece about the Germans
>working out that 8" tyres would fit.
>The brakes fitted to the ur-quattro are adequate/balanced for 6" tyres
>using the compounds that were available in 1980.  Now we're running
>them on 8" tyres using 199n compounds.  The tyres have a _DAMN_ sight
>more stickiness than the original design - but the basic geometry of
>the braking system has not changed, excepting the 20V's ventilated
>rears and a few percent for the MB's swept area.
>Ergo - if you're running an ur-quattro in stock form today - the tyres
>are capable of a lot more performance than the stock braking system
>will ever demand.  On a warm, dry road my MB ur-quattro will crash
>stop from any speed without the ABS engaging.  The tyres are so
>sticky compared with the 6" 1980 design assumption that the discs
>aren't capable of locking the wheels.
>So, for the ur-quattro at least, brake system enhancements make sense.
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