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RE: Power Output

Oh, of course,
	Thanks for your correction.  Its been a while since since
Chemistry.  My teacher drove an Audi too, but his "nice" car was a new BMW
325i.  Nice car, Ham Radio gear was worth more than the car too. :)\
	Anyhow, I guess i forgot that Volume is constant.  So 1.8 bar is
1.8 bar but at a lower temp, it will have a higher mass in a given volume.
Got it.  Thanks
	Todd Phenneger

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Robert Myers wrote:

> >Ok, so am I right that 1.8 bar will still be 1.8 bar no matter what temp
> >is due to wastegate control.  I know in a tire it would change, that is
> >why on a cold day, the press in tire will change when you hit the track,
> >but the wastegate will release at 1.8 bar which is always the same, right.
> Should stay pretty much constant since it's operating against a mechanical
> part.
> >I am a little confused as to whether you are agreeing with me,
> >disagreeing, or just adding more info.
> Basically, I agree with what you said.  Perhaps a bit of vocabulary
> correction.  :-)
> >The way I read your info, I was right that the pressure will still be 1.8
> >bar but at a higher volume entering the cyl.  Am I right?
> Not a higher volume but a greater *mass* of air will enter when the
> temperature is lower.  That's the main function of the intercooler - to
> cool the air charge so that it will be more dense and contain more mass of
> air in a given volume of air.  You have the right idea but are saying it
> incorrectly.  The volume is fixed at the capacity of the cylinder so you
> can't add more volume but by compressing the air (turbo) and cooling the
> air (intercooler) you can pack more mass into the fixed volume container.
> Yeah.  I know.  Picky-picky-picky.  :-)  My chemistry students always
> thought very highly of me.  They constantly were calling me a "Sweet Old
> Boy".  Uh, that *is* what those initials stand for, isn't it?  :-)