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RE: information re mechanics in Bay Area

     I would strongly recommend M&M Audi House in Campbell.  They are the 
     only shop allowed near my car.

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Subject: information re mechanics in Bay Area
Author:  "Samfrepal" [SMTP:Samfrepal@aol.com] at NA-Exch1
Date:    4/1/98 6:41 PM

I am new to the list and am not so mechanically inclined as some of the 
members of the list.  I bought a 91 200 about three months ago and it is
for a general servicing.  I live in the Bay Area and would like to know if 
anybody can recommend anybody who might be well qualified or whom you
is a good mechanic who won't make you pay for servicing with krugerands.
I realize that this has probably been answered and is in the index, but as I

am a new member of the group, I could not find the Index.  Is it out there
am I doing something wrong?  Or what??  Am sure many of my answers are in
index, so if only I could get there.