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Re: Slugs, snails, & other misc. critters

> > > One additional option, Huw.  How 'bout driving it off one of our good ole
> > > West Virginia cliffs?  It will go fast only not for very long.
> >
> > JATO achieves the same effect in the horizontal plane...
> >
> Yet, but even new UFO brakes aren't going to do you much good when you try
> to stop.

What about the *really new* UFO brakes?  Where the aliens use their
tractor beam to  bring your vehicle back under control???

And on a more foolish tangent, if one had a precisely selective
radar/laser detector, it could be wired directly to the ABS and CC
systems, no?  Oh, I guess the car would have to know the speed limit. 
Never mind.

Huw Powell


I ache in the places where I used to play...

Leonard Cohen