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Re: Photo Radar

Hopefully you photoradar program is as dumb and BCs.  Here they have GM
vans with blacked-out windows with the camera located in the passanger
seat.  When they are taking pictures they pull the van on the side of the
road and put a tri-pod with a flash on it in front of the van.  Now... here
is the dumb part.  The van is always parked on a straight stretch in plain
sight for everyone to see.  They are on a 8% tolarace so I have been told.
The funny part of it all is where they put the vans.  On my most recent
sighting they were parked in the middle of a 4 km long straight stretch.
I'm cruzing along at 125km/h (speed limit 100km/h) and on coming traffic is
flashing their lights... OK... I slow down to 115km/h which is usually what
the cop cars will let you get away with.  Then as I round the corner to the
4km straight stretch was the photo radar van 2 km in front of me.  So, not
panicing I take my foot off of the accerator and cost to a safe 90km/h
giving all the passangers in the vechicle a good oprotunity to wave at the
cop in the van...  So far after about 1 year of service... no tickets...
knock on wood!

At 21:09 4/1/98 -0700, Frank Amoroso wrote:
>Well Boulder has started a 9 month photo radar pilot program. Any BTDT's on
>combating this decidedly un-American convention? At least give me chance to
>talk my way out of it, mano a mano, or in this case mouth to mouth.
>Since Boulder's lovely city council is not giving me this opportunity they
>are forcing me to fight the high tech battle. So who has suggestions for me.
>I've removed the front plate for aesthetic reasons already. What about plate
>covers that optically block photos?
>Let me know what you think. I will not be doing 105 in a 35, but I have, on
>occasion, done 45 in a 35 and I don't really feel like getting busted for

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