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mushy brake pedal on 1990 CQ

Hi folks...

Just got back from three weeks in Germany
...And no, I again didn't have a chance to make in to Ingolstadt.

Drove the CQ to work this morning (hasn't been driven in the three
weeks that I was gone).  Problem is that the brake pedal feels,
well mushy.

I currently am running slag (tm) masters (no comments, please)
and am used to having to "wear" off some accumulated surface rotor
rust after inactivity, so I put the cq through some long stops.

Brake pedal still feels mushy.  The bomb was replaced about a year
ago, and neither the "ABS" or "Brake" light have flickered on.

Aside from pulling the wheels off this weekend to make sure the
calipers aren't sticking, does anyone have some ideas?

Pentosin flush, perhaps?


BTW, I do have the CCs to install when the MMs wear down...

Peter Schulz
1990 CQ