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Price for DynaLynx for 89-90 200t?


For those fitting the heavier cast DynaLynx EM, what are you paying for
it and what is a good (possibly online) source for them?

Does the DynaLynx flow better than the RS2 2-piece unit? Where can I
learn more about the RS2 EM? I'd especially like to see what it looks
like. What is the layout of the 2 EMs? How much better do they flow
compared to the stock unit?

Also, sorry for repeating a previous thread, but what was the verdict on
fitting a larger exhaust system to the turbo MC-1? Is it better to split
the turbo outlet into 2 2.5 inch pipes or to run a single 3 inch pipe
from the outlet (provided it has been funneled out gently from 2.5 to
3 inches)? Or is it best to make a 2.5 to 3 inch downpipe and split that
into 2 2.5 inch pipes after the downpipe? Who makes a good downpipe for
the auto-trannied 89-90 200 MC motor? Also, will 2 2.5 inch tailpipes
fit that small tailpipe cutout at the back of the 200? On my 200 I have
a single 2.25 inch pipe as the guys at the workshop said they'd never be
able to fit 2 pipes in there without hitting bodywork or having to widen
the opening in the fender.


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