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engine transplants into 80/90q

In message <199804031517.IAA21139@su049.ast.lmco.com> Harry R Glesner III writes:

>    Playing with an idea. Actually the March EuroCar magazine got me thinking
> along these lines...the 4k with the transplanted MC engine looks like quite a
> sleeper, a fun use of older equiptment. But I much more in "love" with the looks
> of the B3 body i.e. 80/90 quattro. Has anyone looked into the transplanting of a
> 10v turbo engine into that chassis? Here in Colorado a my favorite dismantler
> Mike has atleast a 1/2 dozen turbo engines of various years complete, wiring
> looms, brains, and all. Any thoughts? Who in Colorado would you use to "freshen"
> the engine and turbo?

Yes.  A German did the whole deal, and posted a long description (also
in German).  He actually used an ur-quattro as a donor - if you went
with an MC engine you'd have to source some MB components from Europe,
especially the intercooler, its hoses, and the right front tie bar.

His piece must be lurking in the archives somewhere.

Oh, and I translated the item.  That, too, is in the archives.

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