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Changing 4x108 to 5x112 - masochistic?

OK, I've got a Coupe GT, and have found these wheels that would look
wonderful on the car.  However, they are 5x112, and as everyone knows, the
'85 and up Coupes/4000s have the 'dreaded' 4x108.  How hard would it be to
change this?  Could I just replace the hubs and rotors with 5x112 ones, or
would it be more involved (like installing different brakes,
installing/making brackets, etc).

Here's the URL for the wheels - it's a great page that has new 'take-off'
wheels.  I think Dan was the one that posted the address a few weeks ago.
Anyway, it's the Speedlines at the bottom that I'm lusting over - maybe I
should just call Speedline or some wheel shop and ask for them in 4x108,
but one can only take so much rejection ;)

Barry J. McCabe