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Re: Bentley A6 manual, Audi History Book

Jeff Maurer said:
> > Bentley says that they've just released the shop manual for
> > the 1995 A6 series.  I'm trying to decide how much value this
> > will be for the 1995 S6 (since it doesn't sound like Bentley
> > plans on releasing a manual for this).  Any thoughts?

On 11/97, I called Robert Bentley at 1-800-423-4595 and they have the
1992-97 Audi 100/A6/S4/S6 (includes Quattro and Wagon) manual set even
though it wasn't shown on their web site. I believe it was selling for
$265 at the time.

Seems that Amazon.com has this listing below:

Audi 100, A6 : Official Factory Repair Manual 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995,
1996, 1997 :Including S4, S6, Quattro and Wagon Models 
Paperback / Published 1997 Our Price: $264.95 (Back Ordered)

Amazaon and Barnes and Noble show the Audi History book, 
"A History Of Progress" this is a must have!

>From Barnes and Noble:            
A History of Progress: Chronicle of the Audi AG AG Audi / Hardcover /
Pub. Price:
$29.95 B&N Price: $20.96 -- You Save $8.99 (30%)  

My technical literature page has the web links to Barnes/Noble etc....

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ
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