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RE: IC Straps (5ktq)

     What was the much cooler solution?

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Subject: IC Straps (5ktq)
Author:  "MSV96" [SMTP:MSV96@aol.com] at NA-Exch1
Date:    4/3/98 10:27 AM

This Sunday I am to do a timing belt on my 5ktq amongst other things. I plan

to get some 36" hose clamps from the local West Marine store (the place
I pay up to the sailboat gods) to strap my IC while it is out. Looking for 
BTDT's...one strap or two? The IC caps appear curved so I don't see how one 
can get more than a single strap on the center which is not ideal, but
than nothing. I have seen a much cooler solution but for now this will be
I plan to do. TIA
Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq