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Re: Changing 4x108 to 5x112 - masochistic?

>OK, I've got a Coupe GT, and have found these wheels that would look
>wonderful on the car.  However, they are 5x112, and as everyone knows,
>'85 and up Coupes/4000s have the 'dreaded' 4x108.  How hard woulditbeto
>change this?  Could I just replace the hubs and rotors with 5x112s, or
>would it be more involved (like installing different brakes,
>installing/making brackets, etc).

It's worse than that, everything from the stub carriers in the
front and rear diff out have to be changed, except the struts
themselves.  This means dropping the diff and trans and opening
them up, if I am not mistaken.  If you are really interested,
Ron Wood has done this on his rally car.

paul timmerman