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Re: engine transplants into 80/90q

>Yes.  A German did the whole deal, and posted a long description (also
>in German).  He actually used an ur-quattro as a donor - if you went
>with an MC engine you'd have to source some MB components from Europe,
>especially the intercooler, its hoses, and the right front tie bar.
>His piece must be lurking in the archives somewhere.
>Oh, and I translated the item.  That, too, is in the archives.

Yes, I remember that one!!  Greschrieben mit humor ..... especially the
line that refered to our German friend: 
  [this man is mad, utterly mad]

Poor man. He did finish the engine transplant although from what I remember
his car didn't go around right hand corners very well. A tie-rod thing
	-- ed