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Bilstein's came in

I got my Bilstein's today (shipped to me, not installed).  They're pretty 
beefy-looking, all yellow with a blue dust boot on the top.  They come 
with the collar to attach them to the top of the strut already on there, 
like it's part of the assembly or something.

I'm excited!  I guess I'm gonna see if I can put them in tonite.

Check this out:  In the box with the strut inserts, there was a little 
rubber stamp of Betty Boop!  I swear.  Anyone else order Bilstein's and 
get one of these?  It's a plastic statuette of Ms. Boop, with a rubber 
stamp of her face on the bottom, and a little cap to cover the stamp part. 
This was apparently a new item, because it was inside a plastic bag 
(unsealed, tho').  Strange.

I ordered them from RD Enterprises (http://www.shox.com), who advertises 
in the back of EC.  I got the "sport" model, which are supposed to be for 
lowered springs and have a shorter stroke or piston of something.  They 
are actually for a 4kq, because the sports are on available on a C-GT 
(even tho' the normal "HD" strut insert is the same p/n for both cars).

Anyway (still unsubbed), I'll let you know how the install does.  
Tommorrow I'm gonna have a mechanic look at my stuck tranny plug.

(You know, my clutch pedal is bothering me now.  It's almost like it's 
crackin' and poppin' when I let it out, right at the pedal.  I'm starting 
to think I need a new clutch MC.  Does it ever end?!?)

Still better than a new car payment, IMO.


Ken in AZ