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Re: A call to arms

Good site Fred, albeit fraught with typos.

Those using Netscape can simply use mail filters.  I'm a little biased
as I have been using it since it was '1'.  This won't help Dan tho' as
his 'scope' is more wide angle.  I think another lister suggested only
the subs should be allowed through, but I think this would be a very
tedious thing indeed for Dan.  All in all ('cept for me of course) not
too much gets through on this very good group.

As for chasing spammers, it's a _big_ waste of time.  They just pop up
somewhere else.  Just check out the newsgroups.  "Where has all the
bandwidth gone..." Pete S. from flower child days (he didn't say that?
Are you sure?).  We decided to take a 'bleep' on and got the Sysop to
stiffle the 'bleep.'  Couple a days later there was the 'bleep' laughin'
at us.  Perhaps Dan can make a batch file that will do an auto-delete if
the sub un-subs?

Just choose edit, mail filters, and don't forget to choose to:
quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net an' every other thing you like.  Also
anything that is to: your e-mail address, cc: to your e-mail address,
etc.  The rest is trash (or delete as you prefer).

Disclaimer:  Those of you that have to pay for the e-mail volume will
not notice any $ savings.  The stuff still gets dumped on your doorstep,
but you don't have to read it.

Anyone here on IRC?  If so, where at?  Would make for some interesting

Optional 'q' content:  I got a water leak that ends up in the driver's
footwell of the 5k, so me an' my favourite lady are going to check it
out with a flashlight tonight to check for any...place where the water
might be coming in.  Should be interesting.


> From: "Fred Munro"
>     Check out the spam FAQ at www.bluemarble.net/~scotty/forgery.html
> Perhaps a listmeister can figure it out.
> Fred Munro