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Re: 91 200TQ Stalling - Q: What's turbo bypass valve?

On plate 15-90 of the fiche I'm looking at item 18 called "cut-off
valve". I have only heard of it being called a "turbo bypass valve", but
anyway your part # is 034 145 710.  It is on the passenger side of the
engine bay near the intercooler. Also, as someone else mentioned, the
small vaccum line that runs back to the intake manifold tends to get
melted. I ran mine around the outside of the engine compartment way from
the EM.

David Tong wrote:
> I have the same stalling problem with my 91 200 TQ so I followed the suggestion to get a new turbo bypass valve. I called an Audi dealer and they have no idea what a turbo/boost bypass valve is. Can someone please get me the part # or a detailed description (looks and/or location) so I can order this part.
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