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S4 vs S6 wheel swap?

Since I've had good luck swapping parts on the list before...

I have a set of 17 x 8, 40 mm offset five spoke alloys off of a '93 S4 that
I would like to trade for the 17 x 7.5, 37mm offset, six spoke Avus design
wheels off of a later S6.

The S4 wheels are in pretty good shape, although they have some curb
scrapes. If I end up keeping them I'll probably have wheel techniques
re-finish them (type of anal guy I am).

Why do I want a narrower wheel?

I'm going 17 x 8's (for 3 season driving) to clear the big boy brakes up
front, however I do not plan on running snow tires on these monsters, so
I'll be throwing the G60 brakes back on in the winter and figured I'd use
the slightly narrower Avus wheels if I could get a hold of some. And I like
the way they look (even though they don't offer that great a view of the
brake componentry).

I'm also open to other suggestions for winter wheels.

I'm in Boulder CO.