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The end. (of the Q)

Such a tragic day I had at a point not far in the past... I was driving
home (after partying all night, and not sleeping for 30 hours prior to)
along a route I take quite frequently. Ahh, the nice warm waterbed at
home... Some coffee... 

TREEESXZ!!! Rushing by me on either side! What the @#$*@~!?!? Quick, get
out of here!

But before I could, one of the little trees big brother beat me up, and
brought my '90 100Q to a point of sudden deceleration! The big brother tree
smashed my engine compartment, and crushed a couple cylenders in the
engine; broke everything foreward of the back seat.

Thus, The End.

Alls I can say, is I'm glad Audi's are pretty safe, as I was doing ~50-60
without a seatbelt, and only recieved a couple scratches from the airbag
blowing up. I just crawled out the drivers side window, smoked a cigarette,
and said "Son of a bitch.".

Well, enough Story Time and Audi Praise - I have a problem (other than no
The Insurance company wants to give me $5600 for my car, the '90 100 Q,
sunroof, heated seats, metallic finish, all records of service, and a few
miles over 'normal' - 116k. Otherwise, no problems whatsoever. 

There's no way I can get a comperable Audi for that, so I need to 'show' or
prove that it was worth more than they are suggesting.  I have called a
couple dealers, but the salespeople I've talked to WILL NOT give me a list
of _Actual Selling Prices_ (not asked). They're real slippery around that
subject. Unfortunatly, the Insurance co. feels that they have the actual
selling prices of similar cars, and have picked the lowest ones.

They are comparing my '90 100 Q to one '89 and two '90 200 NON-Q's, with
auto. trannys. ?! Apples and oranges? And little bears too?

So, I am basically screwed if I can't get more $$ for it. I can either
walk, or buy some sort of rice grinder. Boo hoo. I'm crying. Sob. Sob. 

If you can give me any advice regarding such, I would -GREATLY- appriciate
it.  A WHOLE LOT.