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Re: audi/cosworth?

yes, strikes me as an interesting back-door entry into the high tech world of
formula 1 (not to mention wrc).

wouldn't ford be pissed?  i'm sure there must be some sort of parachute clause,
but that technology is worth 10's of millions in saved r&d if, as rumoured,
audi want to go sports cars or f1.

makes me wonder if that hasn't been the intention all along?  objective 1: make
bmw pay above the odds for rolls (and bmw's *does* seem a little pissed in the
last couple of days), objective 2, get cosworth which, by *any* measure, has to
be the jewel in the crown...

it would make bmw look a little foolish.  i mean to say, rolls royce?  what's
second prize, bristol :-)

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:05:51 -0800
>From: ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV
>Subject: Re: quattro-digest V4 #2017
>>In addition, Bild reports that Volkswagon has bid for Cosworth
>>which is owned by Vickers. Cosworth Racing, one of four divisions within
>>Cosworth, has a four year Formula One deal with Ford signed in 1997 and
>>currently supplies engines to Stewart, Tyrrell, and Minardi."
>Now THAT is interesting!
>Thanks Dave.
>paul timmerman