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Re: spam and news

Ti Kan wrote:

> Dan,
> What you're proposing here is changing from "Push" technology to "Pull".
> While that's fine for other things, I *prefer* to have Qlist mail pushed in
> my lap the way it's done now.  It forces me to read most messages and keep
> up with things.  I think this is what keeps the discussions interactive and
> interesting.  If transformed to a pull format, I think I'd just get lazy
> and fail to keep up, and become less participatory.  I suspect others will
> too, and that would ultimately make the Qlist less interesting.

Ditto. I vote to keep it the way it is. The current level of spam is not
intolerable. Ctrl-D takes care of it real quick.

The way I look at it, spam is a way of life... just like junk mail. How many
people write letters, complain, and get your local Postmaster to go after the
Publisher's Clearinghouse/Ed McMahon's of the world, when you get trash mail
in your curbside mailbox? Just like Ctrl-D, I have a big wastebasket for that

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