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... And torsens too?

Phil writes regarding 'drives':
> >> Dave E:so who do you believe?  no-one until you drive them for yourself.
> Me:  No question, btdt.  I don't say anything else.
>Phil:  I seem to remember you saying something _wildy_ different a little
>while back, when discussing the Torsen in an ur-quattro - a combination
>you have also never driven.
Sorry phil, physics isn't subjective.  Discussing Torsens has nothing to do
with the car, only the location of the torsen in it.  You have gone on record
here as denying physics.  That's not a 'drive it yourself' argument.

Subjective test:  Weather wet and rainy, you feeling a little under the
weather.  Handing the keys to your friendly hotshoe, any thoughts expressed or
implied regarding arachnophobia?   Doesn't happen, or hasn't happened to you?

Scott Justusson