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List or Newsgroup?

Hi Dan,

Say, amigo, wouldja kindly go over to the sink and wash out your mouth?

"Newsgroup," indeed! (Harumph!  And not to mention, "Snort!")

Talk about adversly affecting the signal to noise ratio, every moron with
both a computer and an opinion would be dropping by to share with us their
take on how "Camaro's rule" and other equally interesting and significant

And where ever did anyone get the idea that spammers would avoid (I just
can't force myself to use that word again) the alternative you propose?
Although there are a couple that I visit every few months, I note a rich
choice of spam available where ever I look.  True, one doesn't have to read
it, but it's there, nonetheless.

I much prefer to "drink straight from the hose," and would definitely miss
the banter and cammaraderie of the group...

But that's just one voice in the night.  Do what you gotta do, my friend.
If that means the end of the mail-list, I shall regret the loss, but I'll
probably survive.