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Apples to Rotorooters

Bart, always good when you drop by.  I agree with your post 100%.  

Here is what prompted me to get on this BMW v. Audi pony.  I drive a
'89 200tqw, and my extended family probably drives 5 or 6 other Audis.
 I love the car, but seriously, Audi needs a boot in the backside for
some of the stuff on these once $35,000+ cars.  

The headlights are flat unsafe.  My first vehicle ['71 IH 3/4 ton
p'up] had lights better than these past generation audis.  Deserves
nothing more than a factory recall.  Brakes, little better but not
much.  Engine SEVERELY underpowered [it will beat a Yugo off line
though], on and on.

I want to see Audi succeed in this country.  But, does Audi want to
succeed here?  Frankly, I think the buying public deserves more out of
a $35,000+ car.  Right now, BMW and several other foreign makers [not
counting US comp] are providing it.  Don't need a racecar, just want
to see at night, stop sometime before the next city limit sign, and
have enough power to leave a red light and cut across a lane or two of
traffic when need be.  

Anywho, I think I am done with this BMW thing.  

Bruce [impatiently waiting]