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Ah, really the issue

>Unka Bart writes in summation:
>The reason to buy an Audi, Quattro or no, is because it rules in the heart!

Exactly why this old cremudgeon owns 3 of 'em.  As always Unka Bart, well
spoken (I guess I take back my first quarter kick;).  Many that know this
tweekster however, realize where I sight my audi ordinance consistently.  I
argue there is a cheaper and easier alternative.  Bummer.

Drivers and horsepower in racing wins many a time.  A few of us, tho, look a
little harder at the body when the heart doesn't quite beat as well as the
fellow runner when not track racing.  Holding on to the snow venue wins, is
waning in reality.  Bummer again.  Me, I point at the coaching, not the

Could, admittedly, be just a Bears argument from this Chicagoan.

Scott Justusson