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Re: Reviewing the reviewers...

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> In my case, the ONLY reason I buy a particular car is because I *like* it!
> I don't worry too much whether it's "the best in its class" because I'm the
> only one who can make that determination, at least so far as it matters


> Not surprisingly, I've yet to drive a car that completely satisfies me as
> delivered by its manufacturer and this is the main reason why I buy my cars

Well, I drove an EM Spitfire that came awefully close!  :-)  I don't 
suppose it would get me to work in January though.   That Stratus Touring 
car I saw last weekend might work...

> Magazines' comparison tests are intended for the average motorist and by
> definition, that most definitely isn't a group that includes us ... the mere

I always thought that the enthusiast press was geared toward me, an 
enthusiast.  Maybe not though.

And, some comments not necessarily aimed at Jeff, just thought I'd 
interject a little...

I think that the supposition that an A8 came "third" in a comparison with
a few other "comparable" sedans is largely irrelevant since all of those
cars are _absolutely fantastic_ automobiles.  You can't find a fault in
_any_ of those cars.  I've driven a few LS400s, a couple A8s, and had some
serious time in a new 540i 6-sp.  These are all great cars (even the LS400
despite what some of you may think) and you have to be _really_ nit-picky
to even pick one over the others.  Personal taste is a much more effective
criteria.  If you like the traction of the A8, fine buy it.  If you don't
want to work on it, buy the LS400.  If you want to shift gears, buy the

I know which one _I_ want really bad.   (I know, "badly" is correct, but in 
this case "bad" is more accurate :-)
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