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Re: List or Newsgroup?

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Unka Bart wrote:

>"Newsgroup," indeed! (Harumph!  And not to mention, "Snort!")
>Talk about adversly affecting the signal to noise ratio, every moron with
>both a computer and an opinion would be dropping by to share with us their
>take on how "Camaro's rule" and other equally interesting and significant

Na, I think you misunderstood Dan (either that, or I'm misunderstading
Dan). You can have serveral different types of newsgroup for usenet --
private vs. public, and moderated vs. unmoderated. I think Dan's gonna
setup the q-list usenet group to be private and unmoderated. That means
that particular newsgroup will only be available from Dan's newsserver --
and not from any other. As such, the newsgroup will only be available if
you deliberately point your news reader to Dan's newsserver address.
Accessability of such newsgroup is on par with current q-mail-list setup
-- anyone who knows the address can drop in for a chat (or spam).

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