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Re: (Praise Audi gods, pox on Bosch) HELP!!! somthing very bad happened to a spark plug

Well it all turned out not to be a non disaster.  Put some penetrating oil on for the afternoon and used a screw extractor.  It came right out.  Dont think I even need the oil.  On closer examination both plugs were corroded 3/4 of the way around.  No matter how they were unscrewed they would have parted.  Question is, how can this be.  Anyone else had this happen to a plug?

Now tomarrow I'll do the O2s and see what kind of other adventures I might wander into.

Cheers all,


On 04/04/98 14:15:05 you wrote:
>>Greetings all,
>>Well I have been cursed for sure first real problem with 86 4kq.  Anyone
>>ever had this happen to them?  Well here's the bad news, I was
>>performing a tune up this morning (plugs, wires 02s etc.) and on the 4th
>>spark plug broke off in the hole.  After much cursing, I figured I would
>>just go ahead and finish what I had started and limp it to a mechanic on
>>4 cylinders.  So what of course happened, the 5th one broke off in the
>>hole and the electrode fell into the cylinder.