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Re: Audi v. BMW

Bruce Aukerman decided to speak these words:

>Contrary to how it may appear, I am not waiving the BMW flag.  But, on
>our soil, Audi is not getting the job done.  I hear about the great tt
>Audi that is coming.  Hope it does and hope it kicks ass.  It ain't
>here yet though, so....  Right now, you have the 3 series [including
>the M] against the A4's.  A6's? against the 540i6.  Frankly, I think
>it is a compliment to BMW that it has a car [540i6] that not only wins
>its class, but the one above it to.  Audi can do better.  Will it?  

This is the thing.  I feel that now, today, in the 90's, Audi has not 
been a seller of performance automobiles.  no matter what we all say, 
Audi has not shown us anything particularly spectacular.  Perhaps there 
are cars in the rest of the world that are spectacular, the UrQ and the 
RS2 come to mind, with a lesser feeling, perhaps the S2.  However, the 
problem with all of this crap that is going on right now is that we are 
comparing performance numbers for a freaking LUXURY sedan!!!  Does that 
really make sense to all of you?  i mean yeah, i love good performance, 
but when you start judging a car like the A8 or A6 on performance, it 
defeats the purpose of even building those cars.  Those two designs are 
just inherently not bred for performance.  We all know that the current 
A6 is marketed as luxury only and in that regard it shines.  the build 
quality of that machine is superb, as is the quality of the A8.  The 
problem with all of this is that there is no objective measurement of 
luxury. Without objective measurements, someone could come to me and tell 
me that a chevy is built better than an A8, and other than perhaps crash 
tests, i have no objective way of showing him luxury, do i?

This seems to be the fault of everyone, and me included.  I want to 
believe that Audi is the best at everything out there, but it is just not 
true.  Yeah, it is fun to modify these cars, but you can never hope to 
have the fastest thing on the road.  It is all about the process, that is 
the fun part, because no matter how much money you pour into the car, it 
will NEVER be the fastest thing out there.  But it is also the only 
objective way of judging a car.  However, if we could just get our heads 
out of our asses and stop comparing big, 4000 lb luxury sedans on the 
basis of performance, then we wouldn't have to rationalize.  Just look at 
the A8 and whatever you want to compare it to, and judge for yourself the 
build quality and feel, it is all about what you believe in that regard.  
To each his own.

OK I'm done now...hehe


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(