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Re: Brake lines

This afternoon I replaced the bad brake lines. As most of you
suggested, I just let the fluid drip out into an empty can. Don't know
what made me assume that the fluid would _flush_ out when opening the
line as I have done this sort of work before on my Opel. But it only
dripped out a mouthful till I had replaced the lines.

I hope one sunny day the screwing and replacing will come to and end
and I can just driiiiive.

'91 90 2.3E

_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

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Von: Peter Plangger <pepe@z.zgs.de>
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Datum: Mittwoch, 1. April 1998 19:53
Betreff: Brake lines

>Hi Folks,
>I'm quite new to the list and after some reading and writing I see
>that my experiences with my current Audi are shared by many others.
>Great ride, good interior and exterior design but bad brakes and
>baaaad electric stuff.
>So this is my first question:
>All the four of my front brake lines have to be replaced (the rubber
>lines) because they're spilling the brake fluid. I think the lines
>be a little short which means they are bent too much when the wheel
>put on full lock.
>Problem is: what do you put on the steel brakes line to keep the
>from running out while the rubber lines are disconnected?
>Last time I used my younger brother's finger but I don't think he
>liked it very much.
>thanks in advance,
>'91 Audi 90 2.3E