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How about a 90 Coupe Quattro?

I've recently been hit right where it hurts by bad luck, and stupidity.  I
have a mint condition 86 4kcsq, which is my baby.  Saturday night, I parked it
at my girlfriend's house.  The hill at her house is not steep at all, I don't
think you could get a marble to roll down it.  I left the car in gear, but I
don't think I pulled up the e-brake.  The car didn't move, I know because my
girlfriend and I were outside talking for at least ten minutes before going
inside.   I came out 2 hours later, and my car was gone!!! I panicked!  I
didn't know what happened, until I saw the front end of my baby in the
neighbors yard across the street.  Now I have severe damage from the tree it
hit, and no explanation.
I didn't have the right coverage, so insurance gave me the big FU*% YOU.  and
I might be in the market for a newer Q.
Can anyone give me a comparison of a 90 coupe quattro 20V to my 4kcsq?    Is
it easy to upgrade the coupe?  Does it handle better?  Any info would be
Craig Porter