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Re: Reviewing the reviewers...(minor Q content)

On Saturday April 4, 1998 Graydon of stainless steel exhaust and EFI fame
>The T-bird SC is a great car.   Its very unlike any american car except
>in its low end torque.   It has a very sophisticated double a-arm
>suspension all around which is vastly superior to anything Audi had up
>until the A8.   The chassis is fairly stiff also.   The only con is its
>weight.   Even so, my SC is pretty fast.   It has a smaller pulley on the
>supercharger, and a 3.73 gear in the rear end.   I think it will turn low
>14s and maybe even high 13s

*pretty fast* - I don't think there are very many Q's that run those types
of numbers!  I am not the wrench/nerd that you are when it comes to these
things.  I need layman/subjective commentary (advanced suspension means
little to me - it seems Corvettes have advanced everything yet they don't
pull my trigger if you know what I mean).  Does the SC handle well compared
to a type 44?  Is there that *feel* that German cars tend to have?  Or, is
the care fast and numb compared to an Audi.  Just wondering...

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II