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Re: Brakes 2

fact: the 'car' magazine test which compared the c43, the s4, and the m3, rated
the c43 best in the braking department.  the s4 brakes were commended, although
no empiracal data was presented.  as you know the m3 was 3rd in the test, the
s4 1st.  bad brakes?  doubt it.

wanna talk about motors, you know the grenade bmw ones?  add petrol, and they
explode, then bmw walks away (ref: autocar)....

>Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 07:59:24 EST
>From: QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com>
>>s8 anchors on the s4 should mean that the s4 is at least par
>>with the competition (ref car mag).

>At least par?  Without question, BMW decisions regarding the braking of the
>latest hotshots SET the standard for the rest to follow.  Neat to see that

yeah, but that's bmw's marketing department.  right scott?

>sharing means the M3 became a better package, right out of the parts
>department.  Those wanting to convert to the mighty RS2 brakes (audis
>'standard' to date) need to study that microfiche pretty hard.  Not just go to
>17in wheels so the rotors fit.  

actually, i would argue that the s4 is audi's standard to date.  and bmw
haven't 'set the standard', porsche have...

>So BMW set the standard, audi hasn't offered a ketchup yet (you
>say until now, I haven't driven that, and it ain't here yet).  My call for
>brakes centers around some rather puny G60's that seem to only give 4k's and
>Urq's a decent bind.  To take those and put them on the flagship S cars of the
>mid 90's was almost criminal (so was offering 944 brakes on the mighty RS2,
>but different argument).  These decisions showed that the coaches either
>didn't understand the game, or didn't like the cost to play.  So we all pay
>for that mediocrity...  To this day.

of the audi 's' cars, there is no question that the s2 brakes were it's weakest
point.  what (usa available) audi should you compare the m3 to for brakes?  an
a4q?  there is no competition at present in the usa from audi.  so your point
(once again) is not valid.  wrt the s4?  the m3's real competitor, see above
for real-world, apples-to-apples.  3rd out of 3, against it's real

for the rest of the e46 range, 'standard' setting brakes, hasn't seemed to help
the car topple the a4 2.8q  in the latest 'car' test, has it?

btw, once again, the rs2's brakes were derived from the brembo anchors on the
968cs.  and provide almost equivalent braking distances to the m3.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q