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Dead duds

Hey Phil:
It's physics, you want to deny it, explain how it's NOT physics.  So far you
have passionately argued to date it hasn't happened to you.  Doesn't change
physics.  Not sure that we give so much credence to your "experience" that we
are ready to flat deny physics.  I've presented btdt, a review of the lit from
Gleason, and worked through the basics of physics and math to show what is
happening.  Your expert testimony aside, what exactly are you saying, Phil?

Present a physics argument that "indicates" I'm wrong, happy to correct ALL
past posts.  This is "bad day" kinda flames here, happy to give you that
benefit of the doubt.  Your subjective evaluation of physics is somewhat
amusing, but really wasting bandwidth on an interesting phenomenon.   When you
are ready to argue physics, please bring up the torsen thread again.  Still
haven't seen those HP/Torque numbers you promised on the MB either.  

Physics isn't personal, neither is the center torsen.  

Scott Justusson