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Re: newsgroup? please no

Huw Powell decided to speak these words:

>I agree.  The Q mail gives me a non-neurotic reason to download my mail,
>and sometimes there's actually something for me in there (like an order
>from my web site...)  Otherwise I feel like an idiot checking for "no
>mail" 3 times a day!

3 times a day?!?!

god. you are sick...jeez ...

You really must like punishment to d/l 50 messages at a time.  That is 
why i hvae mine set up to check the mail every 20 minutes....hehe


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(