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Audis in print...

The April '98 issue of Performance VW magazine (a UK publication) has a
feature about an '87 Audi Coupe Quattro (non-turbo) that has had a 20v turbo
motor from an S2 grafted in ... frankly, it's pretty funky looking, having
been painted a putrid shade of green/yellow that looks very much like pus.
The headlights have been masked off with what appears to be electrical tape
in an effort to mimic the look of an "eyebrow" spoiler and a replica of
Ur-Q's rear bumper/spoiler was installed, which looks funny compared to the
aero-style front bumper cover.  The engine compartment does look pretty
nice, though.  Next month, they're featuring a late-model Coupe Quattro...

Also, Simon McBeath's book entitled "Competition Car Downforce, A Practical
Guide" briefly mentions the Sport Q owned by Tom Hammond (a replica of the
Pike's Peak car) and how the rear wings were producing so much downforce so
far toward the rear of the car that it was overwhelming the front spoilers
and LIFTING the front end through a cantilever effect!  The cure was to add
a 60mm lip to the bottom of the front spoiler and reduce the angle of the
rear wing elements, the effect of which was to bring the aero balance back
toward 50/50 ... this appears to be an interesting book (at least to this
armchair aerodynamicist!) and I look foward to reading the rest of it. 
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