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Parts is parts

>scott, your original point was that the 'm' cars didn't have a "boxfull of
>special parts".  well, sorry, you're wrong, thats bollocks, and you know it. 
>they do.  motor, brakes, gearbox, suspension, even alloys.  much more than
>rs2, which was based on the s2 motor, gearbox and running gear/suspension.
>as you probably know, the 328i *followed* the m3 into production.  and used
>some of the m3 bits (do i hear 'return on investment'from the bean counters?)
>the 328i was good enough that people stopped buying the m3, and bmw had to
>out with the evo version.
Well, I see a bunch of M3 copies running around right here, IN chicago.  I
know of only 2 RS2 copies in the country.  Based on the S2?  Yup, it is an I5.
Interesting to note, the new 323 and 328 will have 5 speed auto options.  The
lowly 328 17in wheels too.  You may want to take a gander at your suspension
comments again.  
The gearbox had 6 speeds like the S2.  Bolt in replacement?  Not in your car

>so, now you change tack and say that the m3's parts prices are reasonable,
>whereas audi's (rs2) are not. once again, you ignore the fact that, because
>bmw motor is exclusive, it is, by your own argument, expensive.  and of
t>he motor changed between the 3.0 and the 3.2 double vanos.  exclusivity =
>expensive by your own argument.
I can buy a complete M3 motor from the factory for under 10 grand from the
dealer down the street.  The RS2?  Many wish.

>do you have access to the rs2 parts prices?  no you don't.  you have the
> i've found that rs2 parts prices are no better or worse than i'd expect.
>example, i paid $10.14 for an indicator light, (which incidentally is the
>part as the s2, and the same price).  sure, if i blow a cam, i pay porsche
>prices.  so what?  in fact, wanna compare camshaft prices m3 vs rs2?  the
>being only 2,200 in number, and the m3 being many thousands more?  i'm happy
Come on Dave.  How bout your fog lights?  Porsche.  How bout the front end

You found parts prices no better or worse, defined might help, than what, I
might ask.  I compare.  Audi prices in general are higher than BMW, and I
don't bite for a minute that's a volume issue.  A few are even interchangeable
between marques.

We don't need this thread to go anywhere Dave.  Europe is really different,
when I can get rotors for an M3 for the price of an S4, and from the dealer
down the street, not special order.  A v8/a8 part?  Forgetaboutit.  Europe
import.  Wanta tune up the v/a8.  Hold on to your wallet.  Right in the v8
archives dude.

Nope, not for a second.  I find my porsche dealer has parts cheaper than my
audi dealer (excluding your RS2).  BMW is low in price on parts, and the half
the bin can be bolted on a bunch of machines, up and down the line.  Maybe why
the aftermarket tuners of Bimmers outnumber the Audis.  

Scott Justusson