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Re: '91 200Q hand brake sticking

> On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, rlpplsky wrote:
> > The hand brake on my '91 200Q is not fully releasing.  I have noticed
for a
> > few days that the lever has had 1" of play, but today after washing the
> > there was much more play and the brakes are dragging severely.  I am
> > to drive the car for fear of wrecking the rear brakes, starting the car
> > fire, etc.
> Get under the car.  Find the mechanical part of the caliper that is
> actuated with the handbrake cable.  Gently (but you'll have to use *some*
> force) tap it with a hammer, and it will release.  Likely it's just bound
> up and a little rusted, so it is sticking.  This solution is temporary
> most likely, as if you use the handbrake again the problem will likely
> re-occur.  Anyone know the DIY permanent solution?
> ---
>  -Preston Brown

It's in need of a E-brake cable replacement and/or a Rear Caliper rebuild.
Recently I had this exact problem. I replaced the obviously sticky E-brake
cable but still need to do the Caliper rebuild. My understanding is that
there is a kit to rebuild the rear calipers. Since my Q is off the road for
now, I haven't gotten around to investigating the rebuild. I plan to do
this myself in the next few weeks.. first gotta buy that darned Bentley
(about time). 

Good luck.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K