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Re: compare this what?

On 3/5/98 Michael Williams writes:

"My point is that no 4000 lb sedan, no matter the weight distribution, or
what not is going to be able to actually PERFORM.  Yeah, perhaps it can
do a 0-60 time in the 6 second range, maybe it can corner, but lets be
serious here.  Why would you want to have a car that heavy if you are
looking for performance...that makes no sense. "

Michael, you have gone full circle on these comparison threads.  If my
memory serves me correctly, one of the precursors to this comparison stuff
was your post about having an *objective* formula that places Audi as the
second best *performing* brand behind porsche.  I would bet that every
single car offered by Audi USA approaches 4000lbs except for the A4.  I
wouldn't be surprised if the A4 2.8 is close to 3500lbs - a M3 is 3250 I
think.  How can you say Audi is this great performance marquee when it
doesn't even build a sport car.  I assume you are comparing the performance
of luxury sedans since that is all Audi sells in the USA except for the

"So what if it is apples
to apples, if the apples are luxurious apples grown to be extra tasty and
crunchy, why compare them based on color or luster.  It doesnt make sense
does it?  Why compare luxury sedans based on performance?  They are
inherently SUPPOSED to have supple rides, isolated cabins, quiet,
comfortable.  If a car is more sporty in nature, some of the luxury is

C'mon man.  These are 70k vehicles designed to be more than just
comfortable.  We are not talking Sedan De Villes and Town Cars.  Do you know
what the phrase *Q Ship* means?  Your statement assumes that these 70k cars
were purely designed for luxury.  You would be mistaken.  Part of the
prestige in these cars is connected to their performance abilities.  Does
that mean they can out handle a new Corvette?  No, but it does mean they can
comfortably handle three digits on the interstate and hard cornering in the
twisties with aplomb.  Performance IS a crucial element in this market
segment and when the cars are compared it deserves to be a central factor.
How hard is it to put leather on some seats and wood in the dash?

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II