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RE: Pulling codes on MAC-07A ECU...

Hi there Loren ... 

On most cars that have the diagnostic codes ... even ones with the check
engine light, it is possible to read the codes at the fuel pump relay.
There is a slot for a fuse to be inserted in the top of the FP relay ...
if you install a fuse in the relay and remove it after 4 seconds the
computer will go into display mode.  When you get to a situation where
the engine won't start, crank the engine over for something like 10
seconds and then release the ignition switch ... but DON'T turn the key
off!  Insert the fuse in the FP relay for 4 seconds and remove it.
Connect a trouble lamp across the same relay contacts and read out the
codes.  In Bentley the trouble codes are located in two different
sections, one is in the CIS section and the other is in the Ignition
System section.  4444 means no trouble.  

Good luck!

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> Hello,
> What is the proceedure for pulling the codes on a 1985 5000S Turbo?  I
> do
> not have a check engine light, but I was told there was another way to
> receive the codes.  If someone knows a way or a place to find out how,
> let
> me know.
> Thanks,
> Loren Porter
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