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Re: '85 5kt for sale, NEW ENGLAND

> Having finally given up...and bought a '89 200tq, I have the following
> for sale:
> 1985 5kt, 192k I am selling for $1000 

Just to chime in here - I never regretted buying a parts car from Erie. 
Got more value than I paid, still grab stuff here and there, and he even
shipped me the Bentley (a treasure!) after the deal was done like he
said he would.  Having a spare one of almost everything is wicked cool. 
(until you've customised your car to the point where stock parts are no
longer spares... anyone wanna buy some old style 4k/coupe dash
switches?  Cheap?)

> btw, Huw, how is the coupe doing???? still miss it..!!!   :)

It was a cool car.  It is still cool, sitting there on its pine log
blocks.  I drove it for a week before pulling the engine.  Which is
still running great, living a second life in my machine.


Huw Powell