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Re: wrong S

In a message dated 98-04-05 21:44:19 EDT, you write:

<< crunchy, why compare them based on color or luster.  It doesnt make sense 
 does it?  Why compare luxury sedans based on performance?  They are 
 inherently SUPPOSED to have supple rides, isolated cabins, quiet, 
 comfortable.  If a car is more sporty in nature, some of the luxury is 
 removed.  Look at the Mercedes.  The S is a very large car and is not a 
 performer by any means, however it is considered by many to be THE 
 standard in luxury cars.  Why? Because it has a soft ride, comfortable 
 seats, is quiet...those are the reasons these cars are made, not to do 
 mountain twisties or the slalom at 65 mph.
Uh, er, Mike, my 'S' question referred to the S4 NOT the MB.  3800+lb.  Not
sure many owners of those cars would make the above reference to "luxury" with
you regarding their toys.  How bout the 540i, what does that weigh?  I might
suggest a reread of the 740 article before your moutain twisty comment.  

Weight isn't the issue, where you wear it might be.  Apples to apples, audi is
one of the portliest.  AWD has that cost from the Urq to the A8, and every car