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Re: More questions

Let's get a handle on what is important here (nothing). But regardless, M3- sports
sedan (4) sports coupe (2). Urq- sports coupe. Got a back seat? You got a coupe.
This how I see it. Repeat, this is how I see it. It does not matter which BMW is
quicker or more responsive, the bigger and heavier 5ktq's will run rings around my
90q. So what? Does that mean that my sports sedan is really an economy car? I do
not think so.


btw- please do not think that I am under the impression that my word is law

QSHIPQ wrote:

> >"Sports Sedan" is what I consider the S4. While it is still big and heavy, it
> is
> >a limited production car with a small market. I class it with the likes of
> >cars or the MB E500 or AMG versions.
> Ok, the 540I6, a sports car or a sports sedan?  M3 (4dorr)a sports car or a
> sport sedan?  The M3 2 door a sports car or a sport coupe?  If the 540i6
> outperforms the M3 in both iterations at the track and on the street, what is
> the 540 then?  The Urq.  A sports car or sport coupe?  I'm not sure that we
> can be all exclusive so quickly sir.  Many "sport sedans" can lap a "sports
> car" on the street or at the track.  Meaning....