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Bent Rim....

I have a friend here at Texas A&M with a 0 be patient here - BMW - 
with a bent alloy wheel.  (Be kind here, he also has a rusted out 
@1970 Alfa he runs around in because he loves driving it more than 
the Bimmer....so he's all right...)

At any rate, his daughter found a BIG pothole with the Bimmer and he 
therefoire has a bent rim.  I saw it  - the edges are bent enough 
that it's a wonder it's still holding air.  I recall that some of 
those on this list have used wheel straightening specialists with 
good results over the past couple of years.

Would you folks who have been happy with wheel straightening services 
be kind enough to drop me a note directly and give me the firm name 
and phone number so that I can pass some recommendations along to my 
frield here?

TIA, folks!

Al Powell                        Voice:  409/845-2807
107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
College Station, TX 77843