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Sparkplugs (the wide world of)

I'm considering replacing the plugs in my '85 NA 2.2 5-cyl, I'd like to hear
any testimonials regarding sparkplugs.  I've heard alot of different claims
about "performance" plugs, and I'm trying to determine whether it's worth

My dad has splitfires in his '83 t-bird, and they seem to work okay (of
course he put them in after rebuilding the engine, so it's not exactly a
controlled test) And I've seen a brand called U-Groove or something, it
seems to be pretty much the same concept as splitfire (more surface area to
spark from).

My engine is running great now, although it feels kind of restricted
somehow, and it's burning a wee-bit of oil.  I realize it's not usually a
good idea to upset the balance of your engine, but I can't see how more
efficient combustion could change things very radically.  Anyway, if anyone
has had experience using these types of plugs I would love to hear about
your results...  Thanks!