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Parts For Sale

It's spring cleaning time!!!!

VDO Gauge: 2 1/16 boost gauge, 0-25psi and 0-30in vacuum, Part of the
Vision series which means that it is back lit and matches the factory
gauges very well. $35

VDO Gauge: 2 1/16 Water temp gauge, 265 degrees F, another Vision series
gauge, this gauge is Mechanical, so while it doesn't require a sender it
require some place to plumb in the temp probe. $35

VDO Gauge: 2 5/8 boost gauge, 0-30psi no vacuum, part of the Pro Cockpit
series $20

all the above gauges are new and still in their original boxes.

 Set of new Ferodo pads for the UrQ's stock front brakes. IMHO, probably
the best Street/light track pad there is! $45 

 Set of New KVR Carbon Fiber brake pads for the G60 Calipers. Work VERY
well for both street and track use. NO sensor wires and they have been
chamfered, but never installed. $80

 Complete set of brakes from an UrQ. All 4 calipers, all 4 rotors, e-brake
cable and all the brake pads. Rotors and pads have less than 3k miles on
them. Light surface rust from sitting, but other wise, VERY good shape.

 UrQ seats, both fronts and both rear pieces. All seats are in A! condition
except the drivers seat which has tear in the outside bolster (suprise),
but the foam in both seats are GREAT! ummmmmm....make an offer.

  UrQ euro lights, these are the single reflector non-sloping H4 lights,
they come with all brackets, corner markers and bulbs (including city).
They work with he stock UrQ 84' 4k grill, but you must provide the top and
bottom trim pieces (from a late style 4kcsq), They are in fair shape and
that is reflected in the price.......$100

 Rear tail lights from 1986 4kcsq, all 3 pieces are in GREAT shape, not a
crack anywhere. $100

 Drivers side 4kcsq headlight and corner marker, both piece are BRAND new.

 Passenger side 4kcsq headlight and corner marker with bracket and bulbs,
good shape, no cracks. $50

 UrQ instrument cluster, not sure who this would be for, but I guess if you
were doing a turbo conversion in your 4k and wanted the factory boost gauge
with the 150mph Speedo, this would be for you. ummmmm...again, make and
offer. Oh yeah, odo shows 76,166 miles. (didn't realize that my car was
such a low mileage unit).

  4kcsq turbo "kit", I guess you could call it a kit anyway, for those of
you who are looking to do the turbo conversion in your 4k, this will make
your life easier, All the following are from an UrQ...intercooler, airbox,
air plenum, air box to turbo hose and intercooler to throttle body hose.
Both hoses have less than 3k miles on them and when I bought them at the
dealer, the two hose together were over $300 (JUST the hoses). They only
thing you need is the turbo to intercooler hose to complete this package.

 14x6 BBS 4kcsq wheels, ET33mm, 4x108 bolt pattern, these are the wheels
that you see/saw on LOTS of Vw's and Audi in the mid to late 80's. Silver
lips with gold centers,  IMHO, they look very sharp on the 4k's. all wheels
have been "well used", good shape, but certainly not great, comes with
bolts (MUST use the BBS wheels bolts) and center caps. $175

14x6 Borbet Type "C" wheels, 4x108 bolt pattern, less than 2k miles on the
set and they are in great shape. $200

4 195/60-14 Bridgestone Blizzaks, approx 1000 miles on the set. $150

 That's about it for this round of spring cleaning. Now for the
disclaimers: All prices quoted are on a best offer basis (up or down) and
buyer pays all shipping charges and please e-mail direct on all inquires.

Thanks for your time.

Laters, Ben
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q