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Documentation 2

Alex writes:
>So it seems that some magazine testers have been able to detect Mr.
>Spider, but at least in this instance, found him to be a friendly companion
>rather than a malevolent parasite.  
We could go to the 325IX /rwd vs 90q/90fwd test at steamboat from Road and
Track in May of 1988 for a historical perspective of spiders, NOT so good:

R&T May 1988 (premier of the Gen 2 audi awd, torsen center, 15mph electronic
locker rear)
"The 90 Quattro managed third place (1-fwd 90, 2-325IX) on our icy oval.
Drivers observed that the Quattro understeered heavily here, and then abruptly
oversteered.  Trying to use the handbrake to lock the rear wheels and thus
tighten the cornering line was useless.  Because the front and the rear wheels
are tied together throught the driveline, hauling up on the handbrake slowed
all four wheels and caused drift-snorting understeer."

The article also lists the 90 as equal or better to the 90q in snow braking,
snow lane change, also faster around steamboat than either awd car.  

The documentation is there, maybe not understood.  My assessment?  Such is the
nature of physics.

Scott Justusson