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Pulling codes on MAC-07A ECU...

>What is the proceedure for pulling the codes on a 1985 5000S Turbo?  I do
>not have a check engine light, but I was told there was another way to
>receive the codes.  If someone knows a way or a place to find out how, let
>me know.

after running (or at least cranking) the engine, but before turning the
ignition off, engage the idle and full throttle switches simultaneously.
there is a small window in my switch housing that allows access to the
full throttle switch without disassembling anything.
the code is displayed by using the check engine light combined with the
tachometer position.  successive codes are cleared and the next one
displayed by depressing the brake pedal.  if you don't have a bentley,
tell me what the tach reads and what the light is doing for each code
and i can give you the diagnostic.  i think "all clear" is indicated by
check engine light on + tach @ 7k (6k?) rpm...


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